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An epoxy garage floor in your garage is the most dramatic transformation you can make to your garage in Kansas City.  Epoxy garage floors can enhance the look and make clean up much easier than a bare concrete floor.  If you are thinking of improving the look and functionality of your garage, then the floor is likely the place to start.  You will get the most “bang for your buck” on the floor.

It is important that you find an installation company that does epoxy garage floors full time.  There are a lot of people jumping into the epoxy garage floor business that have little knowledge or understanding of how an epoxy floor system needs to be prepared, installed and it should also be guaranteed.  If you’re looking for a quality epoxy floor in Kansas City, we recommend that you check references, verify their BBB rating, and ask for references with floors that are at least 5 years in age.  Besides the many new companies, and installers that have arrived on the scene in the past few years, the new trend is to make themselves seem like they have been installing floors for many years with statments like “20 years experience” or “in business for over 10 years”.  Ask to see one of their floors from the time period they give you.  You will likely see them get very nervous.

Diamond grinding is now the standard for preparing a floor in any Kansas City garage.  If they don’t own their own equipment, they likely are not very invested in their business.  If someone talks about power washing or acid etching your floor, then you know immediately that they are not the company or person that’s doing your epoxy garage floor.  It’s also great to ask them how they got into this business, and what training or certifications they have for installing epoxy garage floors.

Many homeowners in Kansas City are adding an epoxy floor to their garages.  Take a look at the subsequent pictures below and see what local homeowners are selecting.  All the photos below are of epoxy garage floors completed in the Kansas City metro area.  You will notice items like foundation walls and steps can be completed to really finish out the look of your garage.  Take a good look at other features that you may want to have completed in your garage.


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You may view several photos of Kansas City area floors below:

Garage Floor Kansas City epoxy

Overland Park, KS epoxy floor with 60% Grey, 20% White, and 20% Black.

Garage Floor Kansas City epoxy 2

Loch Lloyd, MO epoxy floor with red added to tie into the color of the cabinets other garage décor.


Note the foundations walls have been finished on this epoxy garage floor.

Bartlet garage (42) IMG_3254

Foundations walls on this garage were painted to match the walls and contrast with the epoxy floor.


Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_3 Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_2 Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_6

Steps were finished with an epoxy floor coating to match the garage floor as well as the “taller” foundation walls.

Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_7

Very tall (4 feet tall) foundation walls were coated to match the garage floor.



Some refer to this as a granite garage floor look

Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_5

Garage floor coatings installed in just one day.

Garage Kansas City epoxy floor_4

Garage Kansas City-epoxy floor

All photos on this page are epoxy garage floors that were completed in Kansas City by SealKC (www.sealkc.com)  All rights reserved on photos by SealMasters of KC.

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