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Kansas City Garage Condo


Are you looking into a Kansas City garage condo?  Why not invest in the premier garage development and lifestyle in Kansas City.  Coming to south Johnson County, Kansas in the spring of 2015.  The Stonegate Motorplaza of Kansas City, is licensed and partnered with the nationally recoginized AutoMotorPlex of Minneapolis, MN, and is Kansas City’s first garage condo for classic, exotic and collector cars.  The Kansas City AutoMotorPlex offers its owners highly secure and temperature controlled environments for their vehicles, as well as “lifestyle” and car events.  If you lifestyle has outgrown your garage, and you want a safe and friendly environment to enjoy your hobbies, and share with other like-minded individuals, then owning a private garage condo is the next step for you to start living the High Performance Lifestyle!

  • A high quality development in Johnson County, KS
  • Gate Campus with secure gates and 24 hour access
  • Part of the 160 acre complex with auto-related amenities in the master plan
  • Choice of size and locations-for your design choices
  • Spacious, climate controlled, and safe location for you prized vehicles and possessions
  • Quality construction and design with assistance to build out to your own desires
  • Storage with the added benefits of amenities and lifestyle (plumbing, environmental control, floor coatings, etc)

The AutoMotorPlex campus will be The Kansas City garage condo complex for car enthusiast for the entire metro area, and will be a sound investment for those owners that purchase, as well as paying dividends in a fun and exciting lifestyle.  How will you complete your garage condo?


Your own Kansas City Garage Condo:

Own and create your own space-just the way you like it!  Additional personal garage, workshop, office space, or urban cabin to get away from your home and be with other like-minded car enthusiast.  Add bathrooms, kitchen appliances, grills, televisions, and more to customize your own personal tastes.  The AutoMotorPlex of Kansas City is the place to be for your motor related and non-motor related home away from home.


For more information on your Kansas City Garage Condo visit:  http://automotorplexkc.com/

or call Joe at: 913-489-RACE (7223)   913.489.7223

Campus Address:  7814 W 207th St  Stillwell, KS 66083

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Kansas City garage condo

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The Kansas City garage condo choice is the StoneGate MotorPlaza of Kansas City. See why these garage condos are the place to be in Kansas City for car enthusiast.