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Garage Storage Cabinets in Kansas City


Storage Cabinets in the garage are an excellent way of organizing and reducing clutter that can often times find its way into your garage.

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Storage cabinets can be configured for the needs of every homeowner in a variety of styles and configurations to fit the needs of all types of busy lifestyles.  Garage cabinets can get you organized and eliminate the clutter leaving a clean look and keeping a majority of items out of sight.

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Garage cabinets are available in colors to keep with blend with walls or create the desired look of the homeowner.  Having a color selection is a nice way to put the finishing touch on your completed garage storage and organization solution.

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You can incorporate items like backsplashes and tire racks to complete the organization of your garage cabinets as seen in the above photo.

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Storage cabinets with a maple hardwood countertop makes for a good looking workbench area.  Makes an excellent area for working on small projects and hobbies.

Storage Cabinets_09

Garage cabinets with a workbench area including a rugged impact coating work surface for those that may do more work or use chemicals that can damage a wood surface.

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Specialty areas can be incorporated into a garage storage system to make your garage even more useful.

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Storage cabinets can be included in multiple areas of the garage for storage and work areas for example.

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Garage cabinets can be incorporated into corners with multiple workbench areas for work or entertainment.

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Storage cabinets do not have to be installed on the floor.  Storage cabinets that are hung from the wall do not contact the floor which can be wet and damage cabinets located in the garage.

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Garage cabinets can be incorporated into any floor with matching and/or contrasting colors for your individual garage solution.


We hope this give you an idea of some of the ways you can use garage cabinets to complete the garage of your dreams.  There are lots of things to consider and you shouldn’t think you have to be limited in what you can do in your garage with storage cabinets in your garage.

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