Turning Down Epoxy Flooring Work In Kansas City

Turning Down Epoxy Flooring Work In Kansas City


I was called out to look at a commercial kitchen epoxy floor in north Kansas City today.  Another member of our team had been out last fall, and I learned from the owner’s son a few weeks ago that our bid was very competitive.  But the father went ahead and hired someone else, even though we’d had a couple of discussions about the project, and run into each other periodically.  The son shared with me that name of the company and asked if I’d heard of them before.  I had not heard of them (not uncommon, as so many companies start every year in KC), but they supposedly came with lots of experience on “military bases”.  He proceeded to tell me that the guy showed up with his wife (not a big deal-my wife is an amazing installer!) and they only had a small hand grinder to prepare the floor.  The color of epoxy was not really even close to what he was supposed to be applying, and even worse he went when another color when he ran out and didn’t have enough to complete the entire epoxy floor project.  In addition, the father (owner of the restaurant) had to help him roll out the epoxy because it was kicking off faster than he could deal with it!  I’m not sure how many red flags have gone up here, I’m not counting.

So now, three weeks after our discussion the floor is peeling up, and failing badly over the initial epoxy floor that was installed 13 years ago.  I then asked why he hadn’t called the original installer, and he said that he had called the guy’s office and cel phone “a hundred times” and the guy won’t call him back.  He then offered the name of that company up, and said I’ve cleaned up his messes before too, in Raytown most recently.

I looked over the floor and discussed his needs, goals, and timeframe.  I advised that all of the epoxy floor coatings will need to be removed.  The last 2 coats from the last month will not take much, just that we will have to haul them off as trash, but the initial work will take some time to get that removed.  He wants to close his restaurant for July 4th and have us come in at midnight, after they clear out the entire kitchen again, and for us to have it ready for them to open on the 5th.  I advised that I would have to get back with him on the schedule.  He also asked 2 or 3 times what the cost would be of the floor.  I think he really meant my price, as his cost keeps going up!  He advised that the last guy was not cheap, especially after I said he shouldn’t have paid much for what he did.  He also added that he is going to try to get his money back or is going to sue the last guy!  (more $$$’s)

I had a terrible headache at the time, so I grabbed his card and advised that I will get back to him, which I would have done but it’s almost midnight, and his e-mail is not on the card, only his phone numbers.  I will call him first thing in the morning and let him know I am not going to be able to complete the task to our quality in the timeframe allowed, and wish him success, and even help in the search process.  I have already gone through our other area Amazing Garage Floor dealers (5) in the KC area, and other epoxy flooring companies that I know and trust, but they would not be able to complete this either.  So, if there are any other interested Kansas City epoxy floor companies interested in working on Independence Day, give me a yell!

Epoxy flooring and epoxy flooring companies are easy to find.  The key is finding a reputable epoxy flooring company that knows what they are doing, has the equipment to do the job, and know what they can and can’t do.  I hear stories like this all too often about epoxy flooring companies in Kansas City and beyond.  The cheap floor or low bid only causes you more problems than you can ever imagine.

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